java_rynek_0013.jpgThe history of JAVA - natural alkaline water - dates back to the early 20th century.

The Brzozów commune was famous at that time thanks to the healing mineral waters. During the oil exploration, a 300-meter well was dug in the Brzozów forest. Instead of "black gold" ... mineral water spurted from it. It turned out that there were abundant sources of iodine-bromine brine.

The Przemyśl bishop of that time, fascinated by this discovery, decided to build a spa plant. This is how Uzdrowisko Brzozów-Zdrój was founded, specializing in the treatment of rheumatism, rickets, atherosclerosis and renal failure. It was destroyed during World War II.

Today, in these areas there is a nature and educational trail: 'Brzozów Zdrój'. There are still traces of the spa plant there.

In this place, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of one of the most beautiful and cleanest corners of Poland - the Dynowskie Foothills, in the small town of Humniska, the source has extraordinary water. Although it flowed beneath the surface of the earth in the depths of the Carpathian flysch for many centuries, it was only a decade ago that it surfaced for the first time. In June 2013, the Chief Sanitary Inspector recognized water from this source as a natural mineral water called JAVA.

Modern science has answered the question why water extracted there has such a beneficial effect on the body. Its main feature is a pH value of 9.2-9.4 - one of the highest values among alkaline waters in Europe! This is confirmed by research carried out at the AGH Hydrogeological Institute. JAVA is also entered in the European Register of Mineral Waters. For comparison, the pH of bottled water generally has a pH of about 7.

Alkaline "living waters" have been used for many years around the world, also as an element of natural medicine.

Undoubtedly, JAVA is a unique, Podkarpackie elixir of life. It is water that not only quenches thirst and optimally hydrates, but also supports cleansing the body of toxins, positively affects the skin and helps reduce stress.

The higher the pH of the water, and therefore its alkalinity, the more effective its positive effect on the body is.

It's worth making it part of your everyday life - just like our ancestors a hundred years ago!

Water under the name JAVA can be purchased from the exclusive distributor - the company "WODY KARPACKIE" Sp. z o.o. in Krosno

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